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How would you like to get married in Sorrento? Wedding in Sorrento will make your dreams come true.

A wedding in Sorrento Italy could be one of the most important and special decisions of your life. You will need to find a dream wedding location and a wedding planner that can cater for your every need. Wedding in Sorrento provides a personal service right from the start. As your wedding planner we can help with everything from dealing with the relevant paperwork to arranging your whole wedding event. We have access to some of the best wedding venues available in Italy. Whether you choose a wedding in Sorrento, as your wedding planner we will ensure that your wedding in Sorrento Italy runs like a dream. Take a look around our website and ‘contact us’ with any questions that you might have. If you choose wedding sorrento you can be assured of a personal service from a fluent English and Italian speaking wedding planner with many years of experience of the Italian way of life. Please take a look at some of our most popular wedding venues below.

Sorrento Wedding

SorrentoSorrento is one of the most romantic and famous tourist attractions in Italy. The main fascination of this town is the serene brilliance of its landscape, the flowering of its gardens, the mildness of its air. Many prefer the mild restful beauty of Sorrento, especially for a holiday, to the wild and rugged beauty of Capri, and the orgy of colour and granite of the coast of Amalfi. The town of Sorrento lies on a stratum of rock of volcanic origin about 50 meters above sea level, and has as its background the green hills of Sant'Agata, Tore, S. Angelo and Colli di Fontanelle, which separate the peninsula into the bays of Naples and Salerno. From Vico Equense to Massalubrense visitor pass behind a curtain of orange trees, with their blossom in May, and silver olive trees. Among the visitors who came here to enjoy its serenity for their works are: Goethe, Byron, F. Cooper, Walter Scott, Vittorio Alfieri, Giacomo Leopardi, Alexander Dumas, Ernest Renan, Henrik Ibsen, who wrote Ghosts in 1881. Also here were Giuseppe Verdi, and Longfellow in 1862, Samuel Smiles in 1888, Oscar Wilde, Nietzsche wrote Human, too Human in Sorrento in 1876, and it was here that he had his famous dispute with Wagner. Grieg also wrote several of his "poems" here in Sorrento. The description of this romantic land, with its orange and lemon groves, vineyards, walnut and almond trees, could be attractive, but in real life is definitely better. The song "Come back to Sorrento" is still on for you.  A visitor, who spends his vacation in Sorrento, has the chance to visit also the nearby ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum and the seaside resorts in the Naples area such as Amalfi, Positano, Capri, Naples itself, Salerno and other beautiful places in the region.... read more


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Wedding in Sorrento
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